Virginia 5th District Congressional race: Dittmar vs. Garrett

CHARLOTTESVILLE (WSLS 10) Some voters in Danville said jobs and the economy were the issues that mattered most to them in this election.

One voter says she believes growing the economy in Southside, the 5th district, and the nation starts with a president who will run this country like a business; that being Donald Trump, who Garrett supports.

A voter at the 5th district debate a couple of weeks ago told me he is voting for Garrett because he wants a representative that will put people on welfare back to work.

"Take people off of welfare. We've got too many people sitting at home drawing money, my hard-earned tax money, for nothing," said Danville voter John Dode.

Of those voters i spoke to this morning, they also say abolishing abortions and building a wall along the U.S.- Mexico border are important issues.

In regards to immigration and the wall, Garrett didn't mention the wall specifically during the debate but did say immigrants should be admitted based solely on the needs of the country and immigrants from the middle east should not be admitted until the FBI can develop a better process for vetting them.

Jane Dittmar has served on the Albemarle county board of supervisors for years. Now, she hopes to leverage that experience on the local level into a federal position that would serve the entire 5th district, stretching all the way from Charlottesville to Danville.

It's in that southern part of the district where she has said she feels she can have the biggest impact on jump-starting the economy.

"I want a steady hand at the wheel. I have a lot of work to do in the 5th district. The 5th district needs a lot of attention, especially in Southside" said Dittmar. "Job creation, which I have an excellent background in, and also about the ability to bring people together to solve problems for the country with my mediation background."

Jane says greater government investment in the business community is what will bring that job creation.

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