Virginia lawmaker proposes bill similar to NC bathroom bill

RICHMOND (WSLS 10) - A Virginia lawmaker has introduced a controversial bathroom bill that some call a clone of North Carolina's.

House Bill 16-12, proposed by Delegate Bob Marshall, would prohibit people from using a bathroom of the opposite sex.

While critics say the bill is discriminatory, delegate marshall says the bill is about protecting the public, saying he came up with the proposal after talking with concerned parents.

Delegate Bob Marshall said, "If you've got a daughter 14-years-old on the swim team, do you want her changing in front of a guy who says he's transgendered?"

The bill would also require principals to notify parents if their child identifies as transgender in school, a move critics say would endanger transgender students.

James Parrish with Equality Virginia said, "Gay and transgendered kids are kicked out of their houses when they come out. This bill, if passed, could be putting kids on the street.

Governor Terry McAuliffe says he will veto the bill if it passes, and hopes lawmakers will not spend any time on the measure.

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