Gov. Northam proposes $1.2 billion investment in K-12 education

Budget includes 3% increase to teacher salaries

(News 6)

RICHMOND, Va. – Gov. Ralph Northam announced that his budget will include one of the largest investments in K-12 education ever proposed in the commonwealth -- totaling $1.2 billion.

The budget will increase teacher salaries by 3%, according to the governor’s office. It also includes the single-largest increase for at-risk schools in the state’s history, more school counselors and new staff supports for English language learners and makes “significant new flexible funds” available for localities.

“Students deserve quality public schools, no matter where they live,” said Northam.

Below are some budget highlights provided by Northam’s office:

  • Flexible supports for educationally at-risk students: $140.4 million to increase the “At-Risk Add-On” for educationally at-risk students. This is the largest single increase to this funding source in Virginia’s history.
  • Teacher raise: $145.1 million for a 3% salary increase in the second year, for funded Standards of Quality instructional and support positions.
  • Flexible per-pupil allocation: $125 million in new flexible funds for local divisions.
  • Additional school counselors: $99.3 million to increase the number of counselors at every grade level.
  • Instructional support for English language learners: $27.6 million to increase the number of instructional positions.
  • School meals: $10.6 million to help cover the cost of school breakfast and lunch for families who qualify for reduced meal pricing.
  • Rebenchmarking and routine updates: $808.5 million for formula-driven enrollment and program updates.

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