Dog saves Virginia woman from fire

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. – When some Christmas lights caught fire outside a Virginia home, a rescue dog became the rescuer.

Early Sunday morning, nine-year-old rescue dog Pippa started to bark.

Her owner, Jan Bickhart, said something sounded different about this bark -- and that’s when she saw all the smoke.

The smoke detectors did work, but they hadn’t been set off.

She ran out of the house, and that’s when she realized her two dogs were still inside.

Bickhart ran back inside to try and find the dogs, but they wouldn’t come out.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and pulled the two dogs out of the townhome and everyone escaped unharmed.

Bickhart says she has two pieces of advice for the public.

“If there’s one thing to tell your viewers is to check your cords," said Bickhardt.

Her second piece of advice? “Everybody needs to get a dog . . . a rescue dog.”

Firefighters say the cause of the blaze was the use of an ‘indoor only’ extension cord - outside.