Gov. Glenn Youngkin announces Virginia’s Energy Plan

The governor says the plan will help bring new energy sources and jobs to Southwest Virginia

Governor Glenn Youngkin unveiled his 2022 Energy Plan in Lynchburg Monday morning.

As Virginia’s population grows, the governor says we need an energy plan that sustains us for years to come without breaking the bank.

The plan focuses on natural gas, nuclear, renewables and embraces new technology to do so.

And there are big goals like launching a commercial small modular nuclear reactor in Southwest Virginia in the next 10 years, but here’s why leaders say this plan matters to you right now.

A growing Virginia must have reliable, affordable and clean energy for Virginia’s families and businesses. We need to shift to realistic and dynamic plans. The 2022 Energy Plan will meet the power demands of a growing economy and ensures Virginia has that reliable, affordable, clean and growing supply of power by embracing an all-of-the-above energy plan that includes natural gas, nuclear, renewables and the exploration of emerging sources to satisfy the growing needs of Commonwealth residents and businesses.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin

“Two big takeaways. One, inflation in your power bill is going way up. This will help stop that. Two, we need to make sure we’ll actually have the energy to propel us into the future,” said Sen. Steve Newman.

Gov. Youngkin continued, saying: “We have to have an energy policy that recognizes runaway, unbounded costs of electricity are not in the best interest of Virginians and Virginia companies.”

To see the entire 2022 Virginia Energy Plan, click here.

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