Virginia bill could place three-day waiting period on gun purchases

In the wake of several high-profile shootings, some Virginia lawmakers are working to find ways to curb gun violence in Virginia.

House Bill 2273 is working its way through the General Assembly.

The bill, proposed by Del. Cliff Hayes Jr., would place a three-day waiting period on gun purchases. The waiting period starts when a buyer completes a consent form to allow a criminal history record check.

There are a few exceptions. For example, the waiting period wouldn’t apply to law enforcement, gun dealers, or the purchase of antique firearms.

Over the past five fiscal years, there were 13 convictions in Virginia for selling or purchasing a firearm without the required criminal history record check, according to data from the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission.

The bill is waiting for committee referral.

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Amy Cockerham joined the 10 News team in January 2023.