Bedford family speaks out about losing several farm animals in barn fire

This is the 15th fire this month for the Bedford Fire Department

By Heather Butterworth - Digital Content Producer, Magdala Louissaint - Lynchburg Bureau Reporter


The Bedford County Fire Marshal continues to investigate the cause of fire that killed several farm animals. 

On Tuesday, smoke could still be seen coming from the Elliot family's barn. The family shared pictures with 10 News of their barn engulfed in flames Monday night. 

The family lost nine chicks, two lambs, a rooster and a pregnant pot belly pig named Tui. Meredith Elliot said she noticed an orange glow coming from her window around 11:30 p.m. Monday. She ran to save her animals. Elliot says whens he opened the barn door the pig already was on fire.
Four firefighters carried the pig out and Elliott took it to the vet, who was able to save four piglets.

"My daughter and I were driving home at 3:30 in the morning. If we had come home empty handed, I think that would have made it so much worse. But we came home with four lives and they were a part of her. So I believe there's a heaven for animals and I know she's looking down, happy that we're taking care of her babies," Elliott said. 

The Elliotts believe the cause was electrical. 


Several farm animals died in a fire that caused thousands of dollars of damage to a Bedford barn. 

Firefighters responded to the fire at a 50-foot-by-70-foot barn on the 6700 block of Forest Road Monday night. 

Crews were able to save multiple animals but not all made it. A potbelly pig named Tui, two lambs, one rooster, and nine chicks died before firefighters arrived. 

The damage is estimated at $65,000. 

This is the 15th fire that the Bedford Fire Department has responded to this month. 

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