Family, dogs safe after early-morning fire destroys Alleghany County home

The fire happened around 2:30 a.m

By Jessica Jewell - Weekend Anchor / Reporter

ALLEGHANY COUNTY, Va. - Days before Thanksgiving, an Alleghany County family loses everything in an early morning fire.  

The family of four woke up early Monday morning to their worst nightmare -- the home they lived in for decades, going up in flames.

Dunlap fire crews say flames destroyed their home on Kanawah Trail, off of Dunlap Creek Road. 

10 News spoke with the family about the emotional moment they escaped, and how they plan to move forward. 

While they got out safely, everything they owned is now gone.

The fire happened around 2:30 a.m. at the home at 3414 Kanawha Trail.

"I heard something that sounded like popcorn popping," said Mary Faulkner. 

That's what woke Mary up just after two this morning and saved her life. 

She didn't smell any smoke, but she walked down the hall and found a fire. Crews say it started in the chimney, spreading into her home. 

"I couldn't breathe myself because I was so scared and panicking," said Mary. "I hollered the house is on fire." 

That's when 12-year-old Dalton Hall sprung into action, immediately running to his 71-year-old grandfather's room to help him escape. 

"It's hard for him to get around sometimes so I was making sure he was going to make it out of there," said Dalton. 

"His adrenaline was going 100 percent," said Lindsey Hoke. "He was just unreal how strong he was. You might say he picked me up and semi drug me to the truck."

They all escaped without a scratch -- along with Mary's 28-year-old son and their three dogs -- then stood by and watched the fire destroy their home. 

"Everything I've owned is just gone," said Mary. "To see your life go down or up in smoke is ... no words to compare it." 

It took crews more than four hours to put the fire out. Then, it rekindled around noon, a painful reminder to a family, who had hoped the worst was over. 

Now, with their home turned into a smoking pile of rubble, they turn to their friends and their faith to move forward. 

The family tells 10 News they'll be staying with friends nearby until they can figure out their next steps

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