Tow company drives casket on interstate to bring awarness to Slow Down, Mover Over law

By Irisha Jones - Reporter

LEXINGTON, Va.- - The Slow Down, Move Over law has been in effect in the commonwealth for some time but a national magazine is doing its part to remind others to obey the law.

In Lexington, a ceremonial casket being driving through town Tuesday afternoon represented all the first responders, law enforcement and towmen killed by passing vehicles while working on the roadside.

"I hope people realize that it could be somebody in that casket because of their mistake," said Dennis Goodbar of Auto Towing and Repair.

A long processional of tow trucks and emergency vehicles from Lexington, Rockbridge and surrounding areas went on a two-hour journey part of an effort to get Americans to slow down and move over.
Dennis Goodbar led the way as his truck held the casket.

"At times, we are out there by ourselves. We have nobody to protect us. Please slow down and move over because we have families to go home to," Goodbar said.

To prevent accidents, Auto Towing & Repair will be part of the Spirit Ride. This event promotes the Slow Down and Move Over law, which includes tow trucks.
Auto Towing were selected by American Towman.

"In the past three years, it's been two close calls," Goodbar said.
There was a casket exchange from an Illinois tow truck company to Lexington. Then there was a short ceremony before the ride with music, prayer and words from law enforcement. Then it was time to load the casket back up.

"I'm honored to do it. to be the first ones in Virginia to receive it," Goodbar said.

Goodbar will transfer the ceremonial casket called, "Spirit" to TNT Auto Body Repair and Service Centers in Glade Hill, Virginia, in Franklin County, by going through Lexington and all the way down to Interstate 81 south to 581.

They're hoping people will see the casket along the way and get the message that could possibly save a life.


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