Altavista police chief to resign

By Caitlin Blankenship - Intern
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Altavista Police Dept. under investigation for alleged irregularities (Image 1)

ALTAVISTA, Va. - Mike Milnor, police chief for the town of Altavista, is giving his five-month notice and has decided to resign. 

This resignation will go into effect July 1.

Milnor said in a statement that he has decided to resign after a feeling of completion from rebuilding the Altavista Police Department. Staffing levels have increased, equipment renovated, and officer training rebuilt under his supervision over the last two years. Milnor suggests that the police department now stands with a firm foundation.

Milnor justifies his resignation through his upcoming travel demand from his company, Justice 3D.

Milnor thanks the community of Altavista and appreciates the support and partnership he has received in the rebuilding of the department.

Milnor's replacement has not been announced. 

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