Lynchburg City Council votes to begin process to acquire local skate park

City wants to reach compensation agreement with Amazement Square

By Magdala Louissaint - Lynchburg Bureau Reporter

LYNCHBURG, Va. - After hours of debate Tuesday evening, Lynchburg's City Council voted to take ownership of the skate park. The deputy city manager presented six options to the council that focused on coming to an agreement with Amazement Square Museum,  including compensating the nonprofit through payment over the next several years.

But the council wanted to go a different route opting for a deed transfer. Council members say they had a written understanding with Amazement Square stating that the property would revert back to the city if the nonprofit stopped operations. 
This meeting came after members of the skating community complained that the park has been closed for years and they don't have access. But the owner says vandalism is what discouraged them from opening it this year. 

Now even though the council voted Tuesday, iit still has to come to an agreement on compensating Amazement Square. If the two sides can't real a deal, the matter may end up in court. 

"If they spent too much money developing the park or what have you that is a shame. But those were their choices and they signed onto that agreement. So we are asking them to be good citizens and continue to abide by their memorandum of understanding,” Lauren Dianich, co-organizer of Save our Rotary Skate Park, said. 

The City Council says it has more to discuss on the matter. 

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