Lynchburg makes downtown parking easier with new signs

City replaces old signs with colorful signs to help direct drivers better

By Magdala Louissaint - Lynchburg Bureau Reporter

LYNCHBURG, Va. - The city of Lynchburg is looking to make parking easier for people visiting downtown. The city has done away with its standard brown and white signs, and replaced them with colorful signs, created and designed by the Downtown Lynchburg Association, to better help direct drivers to parking lots in the area. City leaders say they finally got the money to re-brand and put out signs that are easy to read. 

"We know that for some folks that they don't come downtown too often, so when they do, we want to make sure that the signage is there, its visible, it’s easy to read and it's very directional. Because the goal is to get them parked as fast as possible so they can get out of their cars, to shop and dine and experience downtown Lynchburg,” David Malewitz, parking manager, said.

The city has even created a map to help. We’ve attached a map to give you a better look. 

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