Lynchburg police sending out bear warning

Lynchburg police say only call 911 if bear is close to your home, won't leave

By Magdala Louissaint - Lynchburg Bureau Reporter

LYNCHBURG, Va. - Lynchburg police is sending out a bear warning to everyone.
In the last month, the Police Department has received about 50 calls for bear sightings in the Boonsboro area.
Animal control says its that time of the season for bears to come out looking for food.

Police are telling residents to be mindful of the bird feeders and trash you leave outside your home.

"You don't want to make them feel comfortable being on your property. You want to make noises, bang pots, people have air horns stuff like that. Just make them feel unwelcome, so they're not hanging around looking for food sources," Ryan Ball, chief animal warden, said.

Lynchburg police say only call 911 if a bear is in close proximity to your home and won't leave.
If you just see it in the area call the non-emergency number.

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