Lynchburg tells citizens to 'Can the Grease'

Lynchburg city officials take back unwanted oil to educate public

LYNCHBURG, Va. - As you clean up the leftovers from your Thanksgiving feast, one local city is reminding people to "Can the Grease." Officials with the city of Lynchburg say Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays where people put their cooking grease down the drain.  But over the years, that grease clogs pipe and backs up the sewage.
That's why for the first time, on Friday, the city held a take-back event educating the public on alternative ways to properly dispose of the unwanted oil. 

“Fryer oil, it shouldn't be put down the drain. It shouldn't be dumped in the yard. If they can't make it down here, putting it in the garbage is perfectly acceptable. As far as any other types of grease, also just put in a sealed container and put it in the garbage,” Candace Carter, FOG program coordinator, said.

City officials say they hope to expand the new program, bring in local businesses and make it a year-long initiative.

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