GLTC offers free fare for bus riders to familiarize with new route changes

Bus changes officially begin Dec.17; free fare last until Dec. 22

By Magdala Louissaint - Lynchburg Bureau Reporter

LYNCHBURG, Va. - Both Stephanie Keyton and Terri Johnson are frequent Lynchburg bus riders.

 “I ride the bus all the time. I depend on the bus. I get a monthly pass to get on the bus," Keyton said. 

They are some of the customers who voiced their opinions in a survey and open meetings last year about the current routes, but are now pleased with the new changes the city has made.

“They have now extended and go around Grace Street and Washington Street. I live further up near the YWCA," Johnson said. 10 News reporter Magdala Louissaint asked, "Why is that a big concern for you?" Johnson replied, "One time it didn’t even go up there at all.'"

Bus changes officially begin Dec.17. And for a week, the city is offering free rides for customers to familiarize themselves with the changes. 

“Now there’s going to be routes that travel across the outer part of the city from Old Forest Road to Timberlake Road and Wards Road without going toward the Downtown area,” Brian Booth, general manager for the Greater Lynchburg Transportation Company, said.

City leaders created cheat sheets to help riders learn what’s new and hope current and new riders will take advantage of the free fare. 

“And we plan to have extra staff out that first week trying to answer any questions at the transfer station and around town as well,” Booth said. 

The city has placed the new routes on its website. Go to to find the changes. 

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