New Freedom Farm asking for help to save more horses from slaughter

By C Craig

BUCHANAN (WSLS 10) - A local nonprofit is asking for help so it can continue to care for horses in need.

New Freedom Farm in Buchanan is currently caring for six horses, which is expensive and won't possible without more money.

"When she came off the truck it was like her freedom ride that she was here and she was going to be okay," said New Freedom Farm Founder Lois Fritz.

Rescued horses Martha and her colt, George Washington, are adapting to their new surroundings. Fritz works to rescue horses, like Martha and George who were saved from a kill pen a day before slaughter.

"She had terrible skin condition, complete rain rot and there's a fungus called scratches on her lower extremities," said Fritz.

On top of that, Martha is extremely underweight. Her most recent vet bill was about $800. Fritz said it's common for horses to need a lot of help when they are rescued from slaughter houses.

"It cost a lot of money to support horses that are at-risk because of the medical problems that they come with," said Mitch Fritz, the co-founder of the nonprofit.

New Freedom Farm is asking for financial help to pay for vet bills, food, a new fence and run in shelter.

"I wanted to put the shelter in that hay field over there," said Fritz. "Then, we'd probably have the capacity to save four more horses."

Currently Fritz can't take in any more horses because she doesn't have the space or money.

"I proudly say that I base it off of faith," commented Fritz. "I had $17 left in my checking account the day I bought my farm here on December 21."

If you would like to help New Freedom Farm save more horses like Martha here and her baby George, visit their Facebook page.

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