'Built from the ground up' Volvo Trucks donates firetruck to Pulaski County

By Irisha Jones - Reporter

DUBLIN, Va.- - Volvo Trucks, one of the largest employers in Pulaski County, is gifting the community with a new tool to keep it safe.
A one of a kind firetruck was revealed in grand fashion Thursday and gifted to the county. 

It's bigger and badder. The new firetruck came out to theme music and a round of applause from Volvo workers, firefighters and county leaders. The firetruck will help to put out some of the toughest fires in the county. 

"This is one of a kind. There was no bells and whistle spared. It has all the things you wish that you could get on a firetruck," said Robert Walk. 

Walk is a member of the Volvo Fire Brigade. He was a fire chief in Wythe County for 16 years. He and the team collaborated in labor, time and thoughts to create the massive masterpiece.

"Parts that work making it a tanker. It can be used in rural communities. The placement of the cab. The firefighters being able to respond in the truck dressed out and ready to go," said Walk. 

Up to seven firefighters can ride inside Tanker 33 at once. It has phone capabilities and can hold 2,500 gallons of water. 

"Being on Interstate 81, that is an asset to come with that much water," said Walk. 

This is the first time Volvo has built a firetruck. Pulaski County leaders believe the company succeeded. 

"The community had a need. And with Volvo being the corporate citizen that they are, they gifted this for use to the citizens," said Jonathan Sweet, Pulaski County Administrator.

New Bern Fire Chief Chief Brandon Hamblin said there wasn't a blueprint for the build.

"I have been in this business for 19 years. It's the first one like it I have ever seen. This truck was not built from a cookie cut pattern. It was built from the ground up," said Hamblin.

The truck will be stationed at the New Bern Fire Department, but it will be for the entire county to use. 

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