Case continued for Christiansburg mother charged with sexually abusing her now-dead toddler

The 25-year-old's case was continued until the fall

By Jeff Williamson - Digital Content Manager

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. - A 25-year-old Christiansburg mother whose 2-year-old son died in January is now scheduled to be in court this fall.

Kayla Thomas is facing five felonies in connection with the case, including that she sexually abused her son, Steven Meek, and used him to create child pornography. 

Thomas had a plea hearing scheduled for Wednesday. However, the case was continued on a joint motion of the prosecution and defense for a number of reasons, according to Montgomery County Commonwealth's Attorney Mary Pettitt.

One of those reasons is that Thomas is pregnant and due in the next few weeks.

These are the five charges Thomas faces:

  • Committing forcible sodomy by engaging in fellatio against the victim's will by force, threat or intimidation
  • Inanimate object penetration of a person less than 13 years of age
  • Production of child pornography involving a child less than 15 years of age
  • Possession and distribution of child pornography
  • Being a parent or guardian, commit a willful act so gross and wanton as to show a reckless disregard for human life -- child neglect

Her live-in boyfriend, McKenzie Hellman, is charged in connection with the child's death. Investigators say he sexually assaulted and abused the toddler, 2-year-old Steven Meek, before killing him in January.

Last month, Hellman asked for sanity and competency evaluations. He is due back in court Sept. 5.

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