New River Valley prepares for snow

By Irisha Jones - Reporter

ROANOKE, Va. - Montgomery County officials say they are monitoring an approaching winter storm and will make adjustments to county events and schedules if necessary.

Ice and snow accumulation may be a problem along with hazardous travel. AEP says they have been monitoring and tracking the weather and its path for several days using  their team of meteorologists. Right now, all of their employees are on standby and on alert, which means they're packed and ready to go at a moment's notice. 

"We don't expect this to be a major or significant utility event for Appalachian Power. However, we are keeping a close eye on this storm, and if anything changes at all, we will be prepared  to call in additional resources and crews. In terms of ice, that is a big concern for us. If you have under a quarter-inch of ice, generally speaking, we're OK. But if it goes above a quarter-inch that's when we can experience utility problems," said Teresa Hamilton Hal, spokeswoman for AEP. 

If needed, crews will be called in from other states to help out. 

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