Organization working to provide schools with preventive items in case of a shooter

By Lezla Gooden - Reporter

ROANOKE, VA - Victoria Tyree is a mother to three children and has one in kindergarten.

“We protect our hospitals, banks and everything else but yet, we aren't protecting our future. Which are at schools,” said Victoria Tyree a mother of three.

Tyree says that schools need to have a lockdown mechanism that would not allow a potential shooter to even enter the classrooms.

It has been just over a week since 17 people,students,and teachers, were gunned down inside a South Florida High School. The survivors have been extremely vocal about changing current gun laws and making schools safer. 

Local parents want to see action as well. 

"I think we should have metal detectors in schools,” said a mother and grandmother, G. Zimmerman.
“I know that people think that's like being in a prison or something, but we have them in our airports to protect people on planes. Our kids should have that.”

That is exactly what Crystal Wilson is trying to offer with her organization called Blue School Project. Her goal is to target older schools in our area and supply them with safety items to protect them from a mass shooter. 

"We would provide the schools with window safety films, some door defense mechanisms that would secure doors inside rather than using classroom furniture,” said Wilson.

"Also, we would provide tourniquets, advance bleeding kits and proper training for these items."

Wilson tells 10 News that her goal is to improve school safety through a non-partisan and immediate effort. Her organization would provide these items to schools that meet the application requirement. 

The Blue School Project is in its early planning stages and is asking the community to donate to their GoFundMe to start purchasing those items.

This is stuff that can be done at the community level in real time,” said Wilson.


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