Boones Mill family plans to rebuild after fire destroys home

By Irisha Jones - Reporter

BOONES MILL, Va. - A local family is using the power of love to move forward in the face of devastation. The Sheets family in Franklin County escaped the flames that leveled their home last week.

Fire crews say the flames spread so quickly due to windy conditions, destroying the home in Boones Mill last Thursday. With the help of their insurance, Joe and Danita Sheets plan to rebuild in the same location.

"Thirty years of life just in rubble. But we are blessed. We really are. The outpouring of people, the love has been awesome. It just brings tears to your eyes every day," said Joe Sheets. 

Their daughter, Sarah Flint, lives in the home right next door. She was preparing for bed when there was a bang on her door. 

"Then I heard fire. Their house is on fire, and I ran out the door and I saw in the back. This was like a real fire," said Flint. 

She describes the fire as something out of a movie.  

"I felt the wind start to pick up, and it looked like a tornado fire. All of a sudden, the back part of the house fell. We were all in here with the door shut, and we could hear it," said Flint. 

A sign that reads, "Everything Give Thanks," is one of the few items not completely destroyed by the fire, along with a television and special chair used for their granddaughter. Danita Sheets was able to take it from the home before it was damaged.

"My daughter who is 10 and has cerebral palsy, nonverbal autism and is not mobile and epilepsy. They have basically just stepped in and been another parent to her since the beginning," said Flint. 

The Sheets are hoping something good comes out of this situation. For now, they are living with their daughter. Flint built her home 13 years ago. A walkway was also built between the two homes so it would be easier to transport Flint's daughter, Miracle, back and forth in her chair.

"Through all of this having my parents here has brought such healing," Flint said. "And some joy and peace."

The Rocky Mount Church of God is using their January mission giving to assist the Sheets family with any needs they may have.


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