Customers at grocery store look forward to snowstorm

Towers Shopping Center packed with customers getting last-minute supplies

By Patricia Martellotti - Reporter

ROANOKE, Va. - The parking lot at Towers Shopping Center was packed.

Customers said they're excited about the snowstorm, and some are hoping to get snowed in.

As the winter storm takes shape, Annalisa Dickson is rushing to get last-minute food supplies.

“I bought Ben and Jerry’s ice cream,” Dickson said.

For people like Dickson, who grew up in the area, the snow isn't always doom and gloom.

In the hopes of getting snowed in, she's making sure she's not only stocked up on ice cream; she's also planning to put her new Instant Pot to good use.

“Check out this roast,” Dickson said.

John Woodrow plans to stay busy during the snowstorm.

“I got house cleaning to do. I got all these paper towels,” Woodrow said.

Caryl Connolly, who has no intention of buying supplies in light of the storm, isn't concerned.

“I won't mind getting snowed in. I can finish my Christmas decorations,” Connolly said.

While it is not yet clear how far south the freezing air will reach, one thing's for sure: Dickson will have plenty of ice cream to dish out.

“I got 5 pints,” Dickson said.

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