Dangerous icy conditions remain serious concern through the week

Slush left behind expected to freeze over with falling temperatures

By Shayne Dwyer - Reporter

ROANOKE, Va. - Danger remains after this weekend's historic snow storm makes its way completely out of our area. We saw lots of sunshine Monday, but the temperatures are quickly dropping, making for icy road conditions.

As the sun dipped below the sky Monday night, many of the primary roads were in good shape, but the neighborhood roads were still covered with snow. After being packed down by cars driving over top of it, it can quickly turn to ice because of the low temperatures. Plow drivers know they had a waning window of time to get their job done.

"We're going to see anything that has melted freeze back almost immediately," Virginia Department of Transportation Spokesman Jason Bond said. "Monday's warm temperatures have really helped us to make progress on plowing these roads, this would be a completely different story had temperatures stayed in the 20s for days after this storm."

Mid-day Monday plow drivers were able to shift from primaries to secondary roads hoping to beat the deep freeze. Thanks to Monday's snow day, they got even more help plowing the roads with less traffic on them. But Roanoke Police know it won't stay that way for long as many people will have no choice but to venture out Tuesday morning for work.

"A lot of people stayed home which isn't good, so not a whole lot of traffic out on the roads," Roanoke City Police Officer J. McGill said. "(Drivers) should try to avoid those slick areas and side roads."

With overnight lows in the teens, salt is no good and chemicals take center stage. And of course, the trucks are kept in good working order to make it through the night.

"With the temperatures expected to fall well below freezing, everything that was wet will be ice by tomorrow," Bond said.

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