New video shows man helping officer make arrest

Peacemakers member is shown body-slamming suspect to ground

By Tommy Lopez - Weekend Anchor / Reporter

ROANOKE, Va. - Newly-released video shows a dangerous struggle during a July arrest following a police chase.

Video from Josh Blake's cellphone shows him running to help a Vinton officer in Roanoke and body-slamming a suspect to the ground. Court records show the suspect, 33-year-old Vincent Hairston, led police on a chase and had reached for the officer’s gun.

Blake handed his phone to a friend and then ran to help. He said reactions to the video have varied from people saying he shouldn’t have risked his life, to people calling him a hero.

“I'm blessed and humbled by people saying that. I didn't really look at myself as a hero when it happened. I just did it because that was within me," he said.

Blake is a member of the Roanoke crime-prevention group the Peacemakers and is a former correctional officer.

Hairston was convicted of felony eluding and attempting to take an officer's gun earlier this month.

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