Peacemakers founder to step down after being arrested for texting nude photo to woman

Shawn Hunter said the picture was sent by accident

By Rob Manch - Reporter

ROANOKE, Va. - Shawn Hunter says he will step down from his role with the Peacemakers until his court trial.

The group will have a press conference next week to announce who will take Hunter's place.

The founder of a non-profit is in hot water after texting a nude photo of himself to a local woman.

Shawn Hunter is the founder of the Peacemakers in Roanoke. He says on Oct. 4, he mistakenly sent the photo to the wrong person and immediately tried to apologize. That person notified police and Hunter has been charged with misdemeanor harassment. Hunter says the person has taken a restraining order out against him, but he maintains it was all a misunderstanding. He says his intent was to send the picture to a female friend.

"What a person does at their home in the privacy between two grown adults, that's their business. There was nothing criminal going on between me and my friend, it's just unfortunate that the phone message went in a different direction," Hunter said.

Hunter says he is hiring an attorney and plans to fight the charge in court.

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