Police rappel off building to raise awareness for BBBS

Roanoke's finest went "Over the Edge"

By Rachel Lucas - Weekend Anchor / Reporter

ROANOKE - Police officers are going to great heights to make a difference for at-risk youth in our area.

On Friday, law enforcement officers went "Over the Edge” to raise money and awareness for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Roanoke City Police Chief Tim Jones was the first to take on the challenge.
WSLS 10's Rachel Lucas and Daytime Blue Ridge's Brittany Flowers also rappelled from the 10-story Patrick Henry building alongside Miss Virginia, Michaela Sigmon.

Friday was all about raising awareness for the good work Big Brothers Big Sisters offers to local youth and the effect those mentors ultimately have on the community.

The 132-foot distance between the ground and the top of the Patrick Henry building looks very impressive when you're standing on the top, looking over the edge. His job has taken Jones a lot of places in his career, but never quite that far.

"The view is going to be great. It's going to be exciting. I'm not the least worried about the height whatsoever. It's that sudden stop at the bottom I want to make sure I'm good on,” Jones said.

But at the moment of truth, when he stepped over the ledge of the 10-story Patrick Henry building, Jones handled it like a professional.

After all, it was for a good cause. Jones participated in the event to bring attention to Big Brothers Big Sisters' Bigs in Blue program.

"If we can help one child have that person that they can call on, look up to and potentially steer them away from some of the harming elements in our society, it's worth every inch I'm going down that rope," Jones said.

Little Deja Days went every inch of the way that Jones did. Thanks to the program and her big sister, Officer Jaclyn Chaddic, she's learning she can conquer anything.

Friday's event is another memory she'll now have with the woman with whom she shares a sisterly bond.

"It means a lot, “ Days said. “I'll never forget this."

Chaddic says the adrenaline rush and getting over her fear of heights was worth it to make a difference in Days' life.

"It's meant a lot. We've had a lot of fun,” Chaddic said. “We've spent a lot of time together, which -- I've never had a little sister in my life. It's been a very good experience being able to be that mentor.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters is proving that, at the end of the day, there are no heights too great to help a child.

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