People of the Roanoke Valley are still dealing with the effects, damage that Florence left behind

By Lezla Gooden - Reporter

ROANOKE,Va. - As people in the Carolinas begin recovery efforts, people here at home are also dealing with  heavy rains that left many with serious damage.

Over the past week SERVPRO, a 24-hour-emergency cleanup and restoration company, has serviced more than 100 families affected by the latest storms.

“Being able to service everybody is the biggest challenge when you get that many calls in,” said Kevin Lancaster, vice president of operations for SERVPRO in Roanoke. 

Due to the high volume of calls, SERVPRO has reached out to its neighboring franchises to help with the demand. 
Lancaster says the greatest area impacted Roanoke City and Roanoke County. 

“When you get three to four inches in an hour, the drain systems can’t keep up. We have had problems with some facilities and businesses that have pipes clogged and then cause overflows. We have had buildings with 4 and 5 feet of water,” said Lancaster.

SERVPRO wants to remind the members of the community of some things they can do immediately if impacted by any kind of internal and external flooding.

“Best thing to do is get contents out of the area and assess them and make sure there is no type of mold growth or anything like that. And wet carpet or pads, those are things that need to come out.  
Drain cleaning needs to be addressed and that's a lot of the problems we are seeing. Drains are backed up,” Lancaster said.

According to Lancaster, the heavy rains days before Florence is what laid the foundation for most of the damage his team is seeing.

While they're quickly getting to those who need help, there is a waiting list available for customers. 

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