Update: Bus safety concerns near West End Center

City paints new lines to enhance safety near bus stop

By Patricia Martellotti - Reporter

RAONOKE, Va. - While management at the West End Center says bus safety concerns have improved with the help of the Roanoke Police, they're still seeing drivers dangerously passing by the school bus while kids are getting off.

More than 100 kids come and go using the school bus at the intersection near the center.

The city has painted new lines where the bus stops.

Development director Melanie Huber says until drivers follow the bus stop sign, safety for the kids remains a concern.

“We are getting support from the city police. We are getting support from the city government. But we need the people that drive on Patterson to please pay attention when the school buses are stopping, because there's a kid that can get hurt. We never want to see that happen,” Huber said.

Huber says the city will soon be implementing a kids crossing sign at the bus stop.

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