Family legacy: Three generations working together for Danville Life Saving Crew

Combined, the McKinneys have 80 years of experience

By Colter Anstaett - Reporter

DANVILLE, Va. - John McKinney has been a member of the Danville Life Saving Crew since 1965.

"What got me interested in the life saving crew was I worked at a funeral home when I was a kid, running the ambulances there," John McKinney said.

Twenty-nine years after joining the crew, his son, Ray, followed in his footsteps.

"It's fun at times and a lot of times serious, but like I told my dad a long time ago, if I was up here running calls then he didn't have to worry about where I was at. The same with my son here," Ray McKinney said.

April marks one year since Ray's son, Cecil, joined the crew.

Cecil says working with his father and grandfather as a member of the crew for the past year has been fun.

"I feel proud that I can follow in their footsteps, hopefully help them, and then they help me learn a lot," he said.

John agrees.

"They could probably show me some new stuff, too. Because the new stuff, I have to get help on," John said.

"From '65 to '94 a lot of things have changed, just as when I came in in '94 to 2018," Ray said. "Just various things, and the way EMT stuff has changed. You run a lot more calls now than you used to."

While a lot has changed, one thing that has not is the McKinneys' passion for helping their community.

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