Martinsville police cracking down on cars illegally parked on the street

Crackdown part of police department's community policing

MARTINSVILLE, Va. - If you've got a car parked on the street in Martinsville, make sure it can be parked there.

Martinsville police officers are going street by street checking cars.

Only cars that are functional and have a valid state inspection and valid tags can be parked on the street.

If a car that doesn't meet those requirements is found, officers will try to work with the owner to get it moved, but as a last resort the car will be towed away.

"We consider this to be a part of our community policing effort. Just the same as unkempt property or unmanaged property, abandoned vehicles can be unsightly and they can attract an element that you don't necessarily want in your neighborhood," Martinsville Deputy Police Chief Maj. Robert Fincher said.

As of Tuesday, Fincher said, about a quarter of the city's streets had been checked.

Numerous cars had been moved off the street, but less than a dozen had to be towed.

"A lot of the ones we've towed, when we've contacted the owner they (said), 'I can't do anything with it. Can you just have it towed?'" Fincher said.

If your car is towed, you'll be notified and will have to work with the towing company to get it back.

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