Winter storm could make Danville pothole problem even worse

People asked to call and report potholes

By Colter Anstaett - Reporter

DANVILLE, Va. - This weekend's storm could keep Danville Public Works busy even after it's gone.

Potholes are a big problem right now and snow and ice this weekend could create more potholes.

Since last month's snowstorm, Smith Davis Tire Pros has been busy with people coming in to get their cars worked on after hitting a pothole.

General Manager John Scott said a lot of the cars have been knocked out of alignment.

"We're running through alignment racks as fast as we can get them in and out. Also, you do further damage. You're knocking wheel weights off, busting tires. We run across a lot of those, and even damaged wheels," Scott said.

He said the cost of having work done on your car depends on how much damage was done. 

"Usually here, it's about $60 for a standard alignment. When you get into your bigger vehicles and stuff, the alignments are higher. Of course, when you get into damaging wheels and tires you start running into the hundreds of dollars," Scott explained.

Danville Public Works Director Rick Drazenovich said he tries to have a crew fix a pothole the same day it's reported.

"We've basically had hundreds of potholes. I had five two-man crews going around trying to keep up with them," Drazenovich said.

Mother Nature has helped.

"It's been a little bit dry now for the last week, so we've caught up to the potholes," Drazenovich said.

If you call and report a pothole and a few days later it hasn't been fixed, Drazenovich says to call again.

"It might mean that we repaired it and it came back out," he said. "It might mean, also, that it fell off of our radar."

The number to call is 434-799-5245.

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