Virginians to determine ballot for governor, among other races

By Jessica Jewell - Weekend Anchor / Reporter, Rob Manch - Reporter, John Carlin - Anchor

ROANOKE, Va. - All across Virginia, voters are heading to the polls for the state's primary election.

This fall will mark four years since Gov. Terry McAuliffe was elected. Because of that, it's time for Virginians to choose a new governor.


On the Republican side, three men -- Edward W. Gillespie, Frank W. Wagner and Corey A. Stewart -- are vying for the nomination. Among the three, Gillespie is considered the frontrunner.

For the Democrats, it's Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello.

Rob Manch is up in Arlington, Virginia, at the watch party for Northam, who's received endorsements from  U.S. Sens. Time Kaine and Mark Warner, as well as McAuliffe.

Jessica Jewell is in Falls Church, Virginia, at the watch party for Perriello. While he may not have the high-profile endorsements of Northam, experts say he's attracting the same group that aligned with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont during his presidential run.

WSLS 10 political analyst Dr. Ed Lynch says that while Northam has the Virginia Democratic establishment, Perriello is gaining support from those who feel that Sanders, an independent who lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, could have beaten Republican Donald Trump in the general election.

The other statewide race happening is for lieutenant governor.

Virginians are also voting for a variety of other state and local offices in Tuesday's primary elections. 

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