Visitors at local cemetery question tombstones found near maintenance area

Buena Vista city manager clarifies tombstones under maintenance

By Patricia Martellotti - Reporter

BUENA VISTA, Va. - People in Buena Vista contacted 10 News on Friday with questions after they saw photos of broken headstones at the Green Hill Cemetery.

It’s not uncommon to find workers maintaining the area.

But for visitors walking near the back of the cemetery, the sight of broken headstones is raising questions.

“When I came upon it with the other ones, I was just heartbroken,” Paige Pitsenbarger, a Buena Vista resident, said.

City Manager Jay Scudder explained what visitors are seeing.

“The tombstones are in some type of transition or repair or replacement, something in that category, and that's the working area that's fenced off for stones that are in transition,” Scudder said.

While it may appear questionable, Scudder confirms that there is no foul play involved.

He says it's fairly common for a cemetery to have a maintenance area.

Currently, there are about a half-dozen or so headstones undergoing some kind of maintenance.

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