Drunk teen takes police cruiser for joyride

16-year-old crashed after reaching 99 mph speeds


A 16-year-old New Mexico girl took a police officer's cruiser for a drunken joyride after he left her unattended in the backseat.

Police say they received a call about Samaria Gray walking down the highway and laying down on the shoulder. When an officer arrived, he found the teen drunk and asking to be put in jail. When the corporal asked why she wanted to go to jail, she said her boyfriend was there and she missed him.

Gray's mother arrived to the scene a short time later, and the officer placed Gray in his car while he spoke with her mother. Gray grew impatient and climbed to the front seat, taking off down the highway.

Gray reached speeds up to 99 mph and crashed the vehicle after hitting two other cars. Gray was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. No one else was hurt during the incident.

KQRE reports the officer said he didn't put Gray in handcuffs because she wasn't violent and only wanted to go home.

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