Man drunkenly takes Uber 300 miles, pays $1,600

Car traveled from West Virginia to New Jersey


Uber isn't backing down from a man who tried to dispute his fare after he got drunk and ordered the ride service to bring him from West Virginia to New Jersey.

The Associated Press reports Kenny Bachman ended up paying $1,635 to Uber after he was shuttled 300 miles between the two states. Bachman said he thought he was taking the car to a friend's residence he was visiting after a night of drinking near the West Virginia University campus. When Bachman woke up two hours into the ride, he recalls not knowing what was happening or who was driving the vehicle.

The fare was especially expensive because Bachman ordered an UberXL, and had to cover tolls there and back. 

Bachman's attempt to challenge the fare was denied, but still gave the driver five stars.

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