Woman looking to thank duo who saved her after Bedford County crash

A man and woman helped Leila Perdue after a crash on Rt. 24 in Bedford County

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – Scattered glass and tire tracks are all that's left of Leila Perdue's terrifying car crash earlier this week on Route 24 in Bedford County. As Leila was waiting to turn on Old Country Road to visit her grandma, she was hit from behind by a truck. 

"I thought at that point, it was going to be the last thing I saw," said Leila.

First responders told her and her family it was a miracle she survived. Now fighting the pain from a sprained shoulder and lower back and fighting the flashbacks of a near-death experience, Leila and her family are searching for some everyday heroes who helped Leila when she needed it most.

"I am 19 years old and I still have my whole life to live, and they came, they didn't have to get out of their car to make sure I was okay," said Leila.

In the panic of that moment after the crash, Leila said a man and a woman helped get her out of the car, as it was beginning to catch fire.

"They ran  up to the car and let me use their phone and called 911 to make sure I was okay. I am very grateful for that," said Leila.

Days later, the car is left in shambles and a 19-year-old girl is recovering. But the Perdue family is thankful even in a bad situation there is a bit of good. They are hoping to find the two heroes because, through the tears, they have something important to say.

"Thank you. I mean, thank you. She's here because they stopped," said Valina Perdue, Leila's mother.