5 things to know when decorating your home

Holiday season is a great time to transform any living space

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With the holiday season here and people looking for gift ideas, items and ideas to decorate a home can often be appropriate gifts to make it a more memorable season.

Megan Ruess, an interior home design expert based in Houston who works for Frankel Building Group, spoke recently about five things to consider when decorating.

What are the most popular trends now?

Ruess said more people are ditching bland colors for more vibrant ones throughout their homes.

“We’re seeing a lot more color come into play,” she said. “(There are) a lot more vibrant teals and dark blue. People are having a little bit more personality with their spaces. In previous years, everything was so white and gray. That’s been a lot of fun to see (with the new trends."

Are there older design trends that are coming back?

Ruess said lately, more and more people are bringing wallpaper back into the equation when decorating homes, mainly because various designs bring the color and flavor to a home that people desire.

“We’ve seen it slowly creep back,” Ruess said. “There are so many more options. It’s such a really great way to bring in color with wallpaper. It’s just a decorative pattern.”

What are the most popular areas of a house people focus on when decorating?

While bathrooms are something people like to decorate, as well as living and family rooms, Ruess said it’s obvious what area of a home many people want to decorate the most.

“We see a lot of people focused on the kitchen area,” she said. “Designing the kitchen and utilizing that space -- it’s becoming more of a gathering area.”

With a limited budget, what should be prioritized the most?

Ruess said it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on many decorative items, particularly furniture, but items such as lighting or a kitchen faucet shouldn’t be skimped on.

“You spend more on staple pieces,” she said. “I don’t think everything needs to be over the top.”

What is biggest mistake people make when decorating?

When trying to decorate with new furniture, not measuring a room properly and not getting the right-sized furniture is the common mistake many make, Ruess said.

“That’s a mistake people are making,” Ruess said. “It arrives too small or the furniture is too big for the room.”

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