Rebuilding Hope: Nancy Harris' nephew commends volunteers on progress

By C Craig

APPOMATTOX (WSLS 10) - The first full week of the Rebuilding Hope home build is complete. Soon, Nancy Harris will have a new home.

She lost both her husband of 50 years and her home in February's tornado.

Dozens of volunteers were at the home Friday to help with the build. Among them was Nancy's nephew, Ricky Harris, who said he's impressed by the work crews have done so far.

The sounds of hammers hitting nails, drills and chatter among volunteers echo throughout Nancy's soon-to-be home.

"We remember the day the tornado hit here very, very well," said Allan Sharrett, a volunteer with Southside Electric Cooperative.

Wanting to give back is the reason why many volunteers are hard at work. However, for Ricky, who helped search for his Uncle Keith, it's much more personal.

"At times emotions get to you, but you look at it retrospect my uncle had faith in God and Jesus and he's in a much better place," Ricky said. "It's just time to rebuild the home."

Working up a sweat alongside other volunteers, Ricky is focused on installing siding. He told us seeing the amount of volunteers and support gives him faith.

"It just shows that God is good all the time," he said. "I mean, you got people who are willing to help and take time out of their day and schedule."

When asked if she had ever build a home, volunteer Connie Watson said "No, no I work in the medical industry so, this is very new for me."

But, with the proper guidance and instruction, volunteers are hanging siding, shutters and cutting trim.

"The holes have to be filled with wood putty," commented Watson. "Once that dries they'll be able to paint it and it will look nice."

"They're doing an excellent job," added Harris.

God's Pit Crew said with all of the help it's getting, it hopes to have the home finished in a week's time.

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