Lynchburg British tea room serves customers with taste of English life

LYNCHBURG, Va. – As American Meghan Markle marries British Prince Harry, two cultures merge.

But one Lynchburg woman has spent years giving Americans a taste of the English life.

The Union Jack flies outside of Ploughcroft Tea Room in downtown Lynchburg, but inside you'll smell and taste all things British.

Serving Victorian tea and old country traditional dishes and desserts, owner Pat Hutto has brought flavors from her past into the present.

“It's not so much the British people that are coming, it's the lovely Americans that come in and absolutely feel like they've got a little touch of England right here, so that makes me feel very good,” Hutto said.

Hutto opened the Ploughcroft Tea Room eight years ago after hosting a couple of afternoon teas at Sweet Briar College, where she used to work.

“I had to turn people away and I thought, ‘Really? Well, let me see about that, then.’ I was a little dubious about it because who would have thought?” Hutto said.

Now, her place is filled with people wanting a taste of the past.

In the kitchen, on a shelf, Pat has what she calls her “bibles,” books with all of her traditional recipes - one for deserts and one for lunch items.

They're well-worn after years of use.

But Pat says customers are craving more than just the food.

“I always try to do some rounds in the room or in here and talk to people, because they want to hear a British accent. That kind of tops it for them, you know,” Hutto said.

On top of tastes, customers are served British sights and sounds.

"It's doing what I’m used to seeing in England, this is so typically like a British tea room and I get told that all the time by people that come in and say, 'Pat, you've got it down,'" Hutto said.

She's created a recipe for success and regulars can't get enough.

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