Americans excited to watch Royal Wedding in London

LONDON – We are now just four days away from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The British aren't the only ones excited for the big day. 

The bride and groom have chosen a location outside of London, but that doesn't mean plenty of visitors aren't spending days leading up to the event sightseeing iconic spots.

We ran into many Americans taking in the sights at the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and trying to get a peek at Big Ben, but unfortunately, as one woman describes it, he has a jacket on.

Elayne Stover, from Wisconsin, said she and her family are so excited to be in this country as they watch the Royal Wedding.

"I think as the years pass we sort of tie our benchmarks in life to historical happenings, Diana's death, 911 and so on and so forth, so we kind of hook our memories to these types of events, so it was very special for us to be here," said Elayne Stover, of Wisconsin.

Stover said she isn't going to travel to Windsor to watch the wedding after hearing people are already camped out at the castle.

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