Windsor brewery creates beer to honor royal couple-to-be

Windsor Knot includes American hops and barley from the Royal Farm

WINDSOR, England – There are many products commemorating the royal wedding, but there's one made in honor of the couple you can actually drink.

A Windsor brewery created a beer, Windsor Knot, in honor of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

This version of Windsor Knot's recipe includes American hops and barley from the Royal Farm.

Windsor & Eton Brewery opened in 2008 and specialize in making brews for the local community.

“We’re delivering right up until the last minute for people to have the beer ready for sale on the actual day and it’s been huge for us,” said the brewery's co-owner, Paddy Johnson.

In Windsor, that delivery is actually made on a horse-drawn carriage, adding even more charm to the town.

In 2011, when Kate and William got married, the brewery created a special blend for them which they still sell today. 

Their label includes swans making a heart shape. 

The new royal couple’s label includes a man’s Windsor tie knot with the Union flag on one side and the American flag on the other. 

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