Lynchburg tea room hosts royal wedding watch party

The world watches as an American actress becomes royalty.

But one local tea room is giving customers a front row seat to a British experience.

In the Ploughcroft Tea Room kitchen you'll find everyday English favorites.

“This is a chicken and mushroom pie. Which is probably one of the most famous things we do in here, so that's a staple,” said Pat Hutto, owner.

However, some occasions call for a special menu, like a royal wedding.

Hutto snapped photos seven years ago at the last big royal wedding.

To her surprise people packed the restaurant. 

“Here, Americans are craving to know more about England. It's very civilized. They come in and they don't want to leave,” Hutto said.

British-American comedian Jenny Haynes remembers being there that day very well. 

“The first royal wedding I ever watched, I watched here at the Ploughcroft Tea Room after I’d become an American citizen and I was able to sit and watch it without thinking how much is that costing me,” Haynes said.  

All jokes aside, Haynes says it wasn't until she moved here did she appreciate the royal family.

“These days I see them more of an outsider I guess and I admire the queen tremendously. I think the young princes I think they seem like really nice human beings,” she said.

It’s reason to tune in to watch the next generation make history.

“I think a lot of people still remember Diana with a huge amount of fondness and I think they imagine she would be very proud of the young men that her boys have become,” said Haynes.

Come Saturday, the room will be filled with those who watch as Harry becomes a husband. 

“We are just really building up to creating what we hope will be a memorable experience for people so that they can share in the joy,” Haynes said.

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