What makes antiques so appealing?

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Contributed photo (Duke's Antiques)

The old saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” often rings true when it comes to antiques.

What makes an old relic disposal to some is a keepsake for others, whether it’s an old household item or artifact.

But we wanted to know: What makes antiques so appealing?

Duke Snyder, owner of Duke’s Antiques in Lexington, shed some of his expertise on the matter.

Why are antiques in high demand?

Snyder said that antiques are often generational items passed on from parents to kids.

One perk of antiques is that they can be more durable, since they were built in a time period in which products were made to last longer.

“Some of these places sell this stuff on TV or (from) IKEA, and these kids are sort of getting tired of that stuff,” Snyder said. “They are coming back to solid wood stuff -- things that were made properly and were well-constructed. They are starting to buy that stuff.”

What are the most popular types of antiques people seek out?

Snyder said that’s a hard question to answer, because there are so many different types of antiques people look for, depending on their tastes. It can range from furniture to wall decorations.

“It’s a whole A-to-Z mix,” Snyder said. “We get people wanting to look for Beanie Babies. We get people looking for a $2,000 chest. It’s just a wide mix. (Recently), we sold a $500 antique pistol. It’s just what you get.”

Are there any antiques most sought after in the fall?

With Halloween coming up, obvious items that are in demand this time of year can be old costumes or pumpkin decorations.

“We just had a girl that brought in all kinds of vintage pumpkins that were made really well,” Snyder said. “She brought in 50 of them and they were all gone in two days. That’s what you get.”

Snyder said in general, many items are popular year-round, but there are some select items that are more popular depending on the season.

“In the spring, people are looking for outdoor furniture and outdoor concrete pieces like bird baths," he said. "In Christmas time, people come looking for smaller stuff or older ornaments. They find the old Christmas ornaments attractive.”

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