"Best TD Celebration Ever" features Fla. arena football, "The people's elbow"

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ESPN/NBC – JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (ESPN/NBC) - It's being called possibly the best touchdown celebration ever from arena football and the Jacksonville Sharks against the Tampa Bay Storm.

Jacksonville was in the process of beating Tampa Bay when Jacksonville receiver Tiger Jones hauled in the short TD pass. And the celebration was nothing short of tremendous.

Wrestling fans know "the people's elbow" when they see it! If you've never seen it, enjoy!

After Jones clotheslines teammate Moqut Ruffins, he pushes his buddy's arms in, then bounces of both imaginary ropes, and gives his lineman "the people's elbow" - made famous by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Sharks teammate London Crawford comes in and calls the pin. Tiger Jones - the star of the show. Moqut Ruffins and London Crawford both earning the title of best supporting actors!