WSLS 10's Alyssa Rae takes on Bristol Motor Speedway

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BRISTOL, Tenn. (WSLS 10 SPORTS) - At Bristol Motor Speedway Tuesday, some media outlets got to take part in the Rusty Wallace Race Experience. WSLS 10's Alyssa Rae was one of the reporters who took part in the ten lap drive.

But before she could jump in a race car, she had to learn the basics.


"Loosen up-- you will be fine--it's a lot of fun.  There's no competition here today. But the other thing to remember is that if you were in a NASCAR race you would have 42 other cars around you-- coming after your space," explains Bristol Motor Speedway General Manager Jerry Caldwell.

In NASCAR, it's all about safety. Helmets, fire suits and and of course the rules of the road. Once she was an informed driver, it was time to suit up.

The Rusty Wallace Race experience lets fans not only ride in the race car, but also drive it. Who better to ask for advice than the NASCAR Hall-of-Famer himself.

"You sit in the car, get your belts to fit you right, get your helmet to fit you right, get all your equipment fitting right then get out there and start with the low lane of the racetrack. like the low lane and then drive the car to your ability and have fun," said Wallace.


Once Alyssa got some words of wisdom from one of the sports greats, it was time for a test drive, a cruise in the Wallace's legendary No. 2 car.

Inside the car was hot, with the actual temperature outside at 87 degrees, inside the car felt like a 30 degree increase.

After she got a feel for the road, it was go time. This time, in a Jeff Gordon 24 car. Getting in the car, was half the battle. Not knowing how to drive a stick shift, she needed a little push. On the track though, she didn't crash, and didn't get passed. All in all, the Rusty Wallace Race Experience experience was a good one.