Hokies Prepare for Monumental Season Opener

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Blacksburg (WSLS Sports) If the defending national champion, the Ohio State Buckeyes, weren't the first game on the schedule, Hokies media might have felt more gray. But, with every practice, with ever question and with every quote, it's apparent that a game of this magnitude brings a black and white, all in mentality that's tough to deny.

"Your preparation is probably a little more intense, and then after the game you know more about your football team because they bring it out if . I you have got a weakness and they're very solid in every area on their team, comes out a little bit," said Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer.

With a little over three weeks remaining before Ohio State comes to town, the Hokies understand they can't get caught up in the hype of this game, which includes a visit from ESPN College Game Day.

"At the end of the day it gets down to the 22 guys on the field and that's what we got to do a good job of as coaches and make sure we don't get caught up in the bright lights flashing cameras and all that stuff and make sure we're ready to play and ready to execute, which we will be," explained associate head coach Shane Beamer.

Running back Trey Edmunds added, "We have something to prove, you know, we kind of finished last season with a bitter taste you now and we just want to get out there and show the world and show this area and show everybody what we're capable of doing as a football team and just get back to doing things the Virginia Tech way."

The Hokies defense has the makings of another Bud Foster led nationally ranked maroon wrecking ball.  The offense appears ready to rise from the colorless malaise of a year ago, and burn bright orange again.

"It's been a great camp these guys are selling out. Its an every day deal right now and that's the way it needs to be. at times last year it wasn't an everyday deal and that's why at the end of the day we were 7-6," said offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler.

In 23 days we'll find out if Ohio State is the only gray, albeit with some scarlet, in Lane Stadium.