Photog Paul grades the Redskins against the Giants in this week's "Hail or Fail"

Jay Gruden sad face.
Jay Gruden sad face. (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

Each week, I'll grade the Redskins in several areas. Did they leave fans screaming "Hail!" or "Fail!"?

Offense - FAIL

What happens when you take away the running game and force Kirk Cousins to beat you? Interceptions and losses happen, that's what. Cousins now has 23 career INTs in 514 attempts, which actually matches the number of picks thrown by teammates Colt McCoy (831 attempts) and Robert Griffin III (1,063 attempts).

Defense - FAIL

What happens when you get zero sacks and zero turnovers? You get a comfortable Eli Manning picking apart your defense, leaving his receivers no choice but to score (despite Eli's wishes they wouldn't).

Special teams - FAIL

Yes, they scored a TD of their own for the first time since 2010, but the blocked punt in the opening minutes set the tone for another bad showing in prime time.

Coaching - FAIL

If the Redskins failed in all three phases of the game, then rest assured Jay Gruden and Co. will get a passing grade, either.