WSLS-10's Brie Jackson Preps for Marathon

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ROANOKE (WSLS-10 SPORTS) -  The Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon is on tap this weekend, and don't be surprised if you see some familiar faces in this years events. Some of our own WSLS-TV News talent will be participating.

During the week you can catch her reporting, and on the weekend you can see her anchoring. but away from all the lights...camera...action Brie Jackson is an avid runner.

She and her running partner Jonathan are getting in their final run in preparation for the Blue Ridge Marathon.

"Doing shorter runs throughout the week then the key is really that long run on the weekends so doing those build ups to 26 miles," explains Brie Jackson.

"Since this is my first time running a marathon, just getting the nerves out and just going for it," says Jonathan Candia.

The two have had their fair share of struggles over the past few months battling cold weather and keeping a good diet has been key for their training.

"It's tough when you see other people eating at lunchtime getting fast food or whatever and you have your cold brown rice and chicken, " says Candia.

Of course winning will be on all the runners minds but for Brie and Jonathan they're just happy to be a part of America's Toughest Road Race.

"I'm not really going in for a time. I'm really just going in to have fun and to cross the finish line," admits Jackson.

WSLS-10 Today anchor Jenna Zibton will also be participate in the 10k on Saturday.