Virginia Tech football embraces modern technology

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10 SPORTS) - It may look like a video game, but it's not something you can buy for your Xbox. This virtual reality technology is a teaching tool for the Virginia Tech football team.

"Once you put the goggles and the headphones on it feels like you're at practice it really does," said Josh Bost, Virginia Tech's Director of Football Video and Technology.

"It's a little pole, it has two 180 degree cameras so you just hold it and you shoot."

Once practice is recorded, it is then stitched together on a computer system for a 360 degree view. In just a few hours, that particular practice is ready to be put to use. We got a sneak peak into the quarterbacks room to see the virtual reality technology for ourselves, the same video used by quarterbacks and potentially linebackers.

The biggest benefit of this virtual reality technology is that the quarterbacks that don't get as many reps during practice, get plenty of looks in the quarterbacks room.

"They can go through those reps they might not of gotten, they can go through those steps, they can go through those reads that the other guys did at practice."

The price tag for this equipment, $83,000. As the Hokies go through more practices, they add more plays to their repertoire, something Coach Fuente acknowledged during spring training.

"We're in the process, we have to build our library up to fully utilize it, but we're looking forward to getting it all put together for summertime and into the fall," Fuente told the media in spring practices.

Quarterback reps aren't the only use, the V.R. gear can also be a recruiting tool to give recruits a first hand look in the tunnel, on the field and during 'Enter Sandman,' to give them the real Lane Stadium feel.

"The spring game was awesome it was the first time that I experienced it and I got chill bumps's so I'm waiting for the first game," said Bost, who was part of Fuente's staff at Memphis.

Virginia Tech is part of the new wave of college football programs adopting this technology, and plan to make the most of it for years to come.