Hokies Host Fan Appreciation Day

BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10 SPORTS) -The Hokies hosted fan appreciation day at Lane Stadium on Sunday. It gave fans a chance to interact with players and coaches before the season gets started in just a few weeks.

Fans of all ages came out to meet coaches and players and grab autographs. This is only the second time the community has had a chance to interact with the team, so their are still lots of questions as to what fans can expect to see on the field this season. Most say they're optimistic.

"I hope everything goes well. Better than we did last year", said Gage Washburn.

"I believe that a there's a new influx of energy in the program which is huge as far as I'm concerned", said season ticket holder Vic Poteat.

Prior to meeting with fans the team held a photo shoot and addressed the media this morning. With ten practices under their belt Coach Fuente says his team has a lot of work ahead of them but the older guys have stepped up and played a pivotal part in camp.

"I like their mindset. We're going to to go through up's and downs", said Fuente.

"They know that how we handle those up's and downs whether there in the first quarter of the game or through an entire half through a week or whatever it is how we handle those up's and downs will ultimately determine our long-term success."

Fuente said the offensive line has been the most consistent piece to the puzzle for the Hokies. Now they're hoping they can carry that onto the field on Saturdays.

"Up till now that's great but what we have to do is we have to continue that going forward", said offensive lineman Eric Gallo.

"Just because we did up until now doesn't really mean anything about going forward. That has to be us and getting to that point so it took a lot of hard work."

Hard work that the Hokies and the fans hope will translate to wins this fall.

Lane Stadium will be packed for the season opener against Liberty on September 3rd.

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